Hatch Green Chile Sea Salt

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Get all of the flavor without the fiery finish with this blend of our 100% Delaware sea salt, green chile flakes from Hatch, New Mexico and roasted California garlic flakes. The uses for this are endless, with a dose of flavorful mild heat. Hatch green chile flakes can range from 500-3,500 Scoville Units. (Jalapeños range from 2,500-10,000.)

So spice up your life with this great combination of New Mexico chiles, California garlic and briny, Delaware sea salt!

(And if you ever find yourself in Hatch, check out Sparky's Burgers and get yourself a Green Chile Cheesburger - a true 'bucket lister.' Gotta support locals, wherever you find yourself!)

Ships in a 2oz/56g sealed pouch.