Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your salt?

Click here to visit our How We Make Salt page.

Where can I find your salt?

You can buy online here at the website, and at these retailers.

Do you sell wholesale?

We have a limited number of wholesale accounts, but we continue to add more over time. Visit our Wholesale page to sign up.

Where do you get the water from?

We source our water near where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet in Lewes, Delaware. At this location, there is strong tidal flushing with every tide cycle, bringing a new batch of sea water into the Bay. We have found this to be the spot that produces the best sea salt.

What's the deal with the flaky salt?

Our 100% Delaware flake sea salt is the result of our process, applying the right temperatures for the right amount of time during the boiling process. Done correctly, this leads to flakes and pyramids of 'fleur de sel' forming on the top of the water, and then falling down into the tray. We hand-harvest this salt and it becomes our 100% Delaware flake sea salt.

Does your salt have iodine in it?

Nothing is added to our salts. We do not add iodine or use anti-caking or whitening agents. What you get is a pure taste of the sea.

What about harmful contaminants or bacteria?

Our water is double filtered and then boiled for 7 hours to begin the process. This eliminates all harmful bacteria or biological agents from the water. We also regularly send for lab testing for any traces of pesticides or heavy metals. Our most recent testing, done in June 2021, came back clean and did not detect any pesticides or heavy metals in our salt. We use stainless steel, hair coverings, latex gloves and masks in the production and packing of the salts, in addition to following all regulations and modern food safety practices.

Can I get custom salt for my wedding or event?

We take custom orders on a case-by-case basis based on current salt supply. You can go to our Wholesale page and fill out the form to begin that process.

My salt (or salt blend) is a little clumped together. What's up with that?

We don't use any anti-caking or drying agents in our salt or blends, as other companies do. We'd rather you had to give your salt a little shake than have you ingest anti-caking chemicals. Also, sea salt LOVES moisture, so it can get a little clumpy, especially in humid weather. If it gets very moist, you can always throw it in a low-temperature oven for 15-20 minutes and it will dry out again.

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