How We Make Salt

Take Water. Add Fire. Extract Salt.

It's how humans have done it for hundreds of years. It is a simple, elemental process, but done properly, it takes us three working days of painstaking attention to time, temperature and conditions. Trust us, the result is worth the effort.

So how do we do it?

We harvest pure local saltwater from the coast of Lewes, Delaware near Cape Henlopen, a place where the ocean meets the bay, and where tidal flushing provides the cleanest mineral-rich water around. The water is filtered twice, then boiled hard and reduced by 75-85%, creating a mineral-rich brine.

The brine is then rested and transferred to a temperature-controlled vessel, where the final 15% of the water is evaporated over a second full day of work. The proper time at specific temperatures ensures the highest-quality in our flaky salt. At the end of that process, the salt has risen to the surface, formed large flakes, then settled to the bottom of the tank. These large flakes are all extracted into what we call "wet salt."

On the third and final day, the wet salt is put through a slow dehydrating process and then sifted, inspected and packaged, and the result of all that work is sent to you!

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