How We Make Salt

Pristine salt water + gently applied heat = world-class flaky sea salt.

We harvest pure local saltwater from the Delaware coast near Cape Henlopen, a place where the ocean meets the bay, and where tidal flushing provides the cleanest mineral-rich water around. We then bulk evaporate the water using either a boiler or a solar greenhouse (sometimes both, which varies by season) until it turns into a salty brine. 

The brine leftover after the bulk evaporation is then re-filtered and transferred to a temperature-controlled vessel, where it is evaporated at a low heat for a specific amount of time. The proper time at specific temperatures ensures the highest-quality in our flaky salt. At the end of that process, the salt has risen to the surface, formed large flakes, then settled to the bottom of the tank. These large flakes are all hand-harvested into what we call "wet salt."

After that, the wet salt is put through a slow dehydrating process and then sifted, inspected and packaged, and the result of all that work is sent to you!

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