Our Salt Story

The Cape Henlopen peninsula in Delaware,is full of natural wonder for so many generations who have sought out the sea. The memory of our salt-air and the sight of the vast ocean from the "point" as locals call it, the very tip of the peninsula at Cape Henlopen is a magical place where earth gives way to sea, and where bay and ocean meet.
It's a place that leaves a bookmark on your soul, a place you resolve to return to, both in solitude or to share. It's a place that has restored, invigorated and inspired locals and visitors for hundreds of years. It is the place from which Henlopen Sea Salt begins it's journey to you.

The original founder of Henlopen Sea Salt is Dave Burris. His local family line goes all the way back to colonial times, and his ancestors were all farmers and fishermen, who worked the land and the water with their hands.

Hand-harvesting sea salt directly from local saltwater is not easy, but it’s worth it. The finished product is a premium flaky sea salt with a bright, briny flavor that avoids all of the harsh, chemical bitterness of mass-produced corporate salts. It simply makes food better, from grilled meats to fresh-picked vegetables to warm chocolate chip cookies.

And most of all, it is a way to connect this place that means so much to the people who love it – a literal taste of the sea on your plate, no matter how far you are from the beach.

I invite you to try our sea salt and experience for yourself how the flavor of the sea is the ultimate compliment to the land –  and how our mineral-rich, briny-sweet sea salt enhances the flavor of every bite.


The Salt Makers, Henlopen Sea Salt