Pure Flake Sea Salt

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 A taste of the sea in every bite!

You care about your food. You buy the freshest produce, the best proteins. Cooking is more than food preparation. It is a creative outlet, a way to share love with the people around you. With all that you put into your food, there's only one way to finish your plates: with a sprinkle of pure, hand-harvested, local flaky sea salt -- the same salt used by Michelin-starred and James Beard award-winning chefs in our region. 

Our flake salt is a finishing salt, one that you sprinkle on your food just before you eat. And trust me, once you try it, whether you're grilling steaks, slicing heirloom tomatoes, or even baking up fresh chocolate chip cookies -- you will want to sprinkle a liberal amount of this delicate, mineral-rich, briny sea salt on just about everything you make and eat.

So, for just pennies per plate, you too can join foodies and chefs from all over the region and make the switch to pure, hand-harvested local sea salt as the finishing touch to every meal!

Choose your 2oz/56g of flaky salt in a sealed pouch or a glass jar.