Henlopen S-P-G Fire

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Hooray for heat! We've taken our most popular blend - Henlopen S-P-G - and added habanero (for heat) and ancho (to round out the chile flavor) to the mix of our local sea salt, roasted garlic flakes and cracked black pepper. The result is Henlopen S-P-G Fire, a flavor explosion that builds heat and is completely satisfying. 

With 2.8 grams of habanero in each 56g pouch, it provides the right amount of heat. Our goal was this: If you add it to your dish, you will get a mouthful of flavor on the first bite, with the heat building so that you're truly feeling it by the last bite. I think we nailed it. 

The uses for this blend are many: add it to grilled or sauteed meats, use it in batters or breading for fried chicken, or simply as a finishing seasoning you shake onto whatever you've cooked up. 

Choose your size: we offer a 2 oz/56 g resealable pouch and a 2.5 oz Shaker Jar.